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What is TLI?

What is the Transformation Leadership Institute?

Transformation Leadership Institute is a cohort based leadership development organization with a mission to serve community-based nonprofit/social sector leaders through topical trainings, conversations, executive coaching, guest speakers, and team and community building exercises through a unique blend of group training and customized one-on-one strategic professional and personal coaching. TLI is designed for current  nonprofit Executive Directors and provides leadership tools required by high impact organizations.


TLI's is also committed to bringing together and standing alongside a group of leaders that reflects the rich diversity of the social sector. A principal component and guiding principle of the Transformation Leadership Institute is to create a dynamic, inclusive and safe environment for our leaders to learn from and share with one another. Our hope is that just as a caterpillar goes through a transformation to become a butterfly, TLI will also transform our cohort leaders to make an even greater impact on their staff, board and the communities they serve. 

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What makes TLI unique

Most leaders have two options 

when considering leadership and professional development. They can either participate in a group setting and leverage the expertise of the group leaders while, at the same time, gaining insight from a diverse group of their peers; or a leader can work with an executive coach for one-on-one deep dive sessions. Both options provide incredible leadership value in distinct ways.

Instead of seeing leadership development 

through a scarce lens of “either or”, TLI believes in the expansive mindset of “both, and” when it comes to professional development options. TLI combines a cohort model of rich insights in a group environment with individualized learning, deep reflections and custom one-on-one executive coaching sessions. This combined, wholistic approach provides participants with the best of both professional development worlds.

Benefits of TLI ED Cohort

Jeff Franco and Tim Kime explain the benefits of participating in a TLI Executive Director Cohort. Watch interview here. 

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What makes TLI unique
TLI Cohort Components
Benefits of TLI ED Cohort
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