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Corinne Cannon

Executive Director and Founder

Greater Washington DC Diaper Bank

"I gained so much through my time working with TLI. It's a rare find to encounter two such experienced nonprofit professionals who are as generous with their knowledge, networks, and ideas as Jeff and Tim. During my six months in TLI I was pushed to think deeper about my work - both what I was doing and how I was doing it - and given time to reflect in one-on-one sessions and with the group. Time is precious for all EDs and this was time very well spent!" 

Yasmine Arrington.jpg

Yasmine Arrington

Executive Director


"Being a member of TLI has been a transformational, informative and uplifting experience! Jeff and Tim are phenomenal conveners, facilitators, active listeners, and coaches. As a result of participating in TLI, I have strengthened my interpersonal skills and am a better-equipped leader who is ready to take on any challenge with tact, and come up with innovative, collaborative solutions!"

Micahel Steven.png

Michael Stevens

Executive Director and Vice President

City Year

"Participating I’m TLI was one of my best investments of my time as a new executive director. Jeff and Tim provided a thoughtful experience, complementary resources, and access to other executive leaders. I  appreciated the dedicated time they provide for individual coaching sessions, as they were focused on challenges or problems that I brought up. My favorite aspect was the relationships I was able to build with my fellow cohort members. I wouldn’t trade it for the world and would suggest to any new executive to participate and grow your relationship world!"

heather jenkins.jpeg

Heather Jenkins


Literacy Lab

"As a new leader in the D.C. area and a new CEO, it has been invaluable to work with Tim and Jeff and be part of the TLI cohort. The experience provided opportunities to connect with other leaders in the area and share our success, challenges, resources and practices, and hear from additional non-profit leaders."

Candace Smith headshot 1.jpg

Candace Smith

Executive Director

Urban Teachers

"I appreciated my impactful experience with TLI.  It pushed me to both zoom in and consider my strengths and opportunities as a leader, as well as to consider how to strengthen my relationship network and deepen my impact in DC.  My cohort was a brilliant, supportive group, and it was certainly energizing to share experiences and learn from each other.  The individualized coaching support from Jeff and Tim was a huge benefit as well, and I was grateful for the opportunity to learn from their expertise in the field."

KB's Headshot.jpeg

"As a new CEO, I found the TLI cohort sessions  to be invaluable!!  It was refreshing to be in a with leaders who had passion and drive and collectively we were pushed and encouraged to take our thinking to a deeper level or to look at situations through a different lens by Jeff and Tim.  I look forward to expanding the knowledge that I have gained by strengthening the relationships that I have with my TLI peers.  The one on one coaching sessions also offered a very unique experience on executive coaching and learning.  I highly recommend TLI to other CEOs and EDs."

Michelle2 (2).png

Michelle Edwards

Executive Director

Live It Learn It

"I love and appreciate the customized coaching approaches demonstrated by Jeff and Tim.  I think about our conversations often and they guide my thinking as a person and professional.  Many praises to TLI!"

Jalessa Hall.jpeg

Jalessa Hall

Founder and CEO

Raising a Village Foundation

"TLI was just what I needed. As an Executive Director of a new and growing organization, it is easy to get stuck in the weeds. However, having the space to freely learn, grow and explore has helped me become a better leader and a better person."

AH Headshot.jpeg

"My experience with TLI has been excellent. As a new Executive Director, it has been really helpful to learn from a cohort of non-profit leaders with varying degrees of experience. In addition to growing my network, I have learned new perspectives on board management, team development, and have received some valuable individual coaching as well. TLI has helped me gain clarity on the kind of leader I want to be." 

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